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Unlocking the Power of Your Pharmacist: Empowering Refills for Minor Ailments!

Once prescribing for minor ailments becomes a part of your pharmacist’s practice, there are a few things you should know. Your pharmacist will always follow a set of guidelines called the Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, and relevant Policies and Guidelines, including the College’s Virtual Care Policy. This ensures that you receive the best care while upholding professional and legal obligations.

If you’re wondering about reimbursement through the Ontario Drug Benefit Program, don’t worry! The minor ailment service can be provided to you either in-person or virtually (including over the phone) from an eligible pharmacy location. This gives you options and flexibility in how you access the service.

Virtual care, like phone or video consultations, can be really convenient for minor ailments. Your pharmacist will carefully assess if it’s suitable for your situation and ensure they meet all their responsibilities. They’ll consider factors such as your condition, medical history, and any contraindications to provide a comprehensive assessment and the right treatment plan.

Your privacy and data security are important too. Your pharmacist will follow strict privacy regulations and keep your information confidential during virtual consultations. You can trust that your personal information is protected.

By following these guidelines, your pharmacist can provide you with excellent care and make sure that you’re eligible for reimbursement if applicable. Don’t hesitate to ask MisterPharmacist any questions you may have—they’re there to help you!

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