What do you consider an
EMERGENCY Prescription?

Oral Antibiotics

We stock your most common oral adult antibiotics.  Sinus, Ear, Lung, Bladder, Skin Infections are handled.

Oral Antivirals

We have on hand the most common antivirals to treat a Shingles attack or Herpes flare up.  Time is of essence!

Dental Care

Just went to the dentist.  You suffered enough, just go home.  We will get your standard dental treatments delivered!


We stock your most commonly prescribed inhalers to help you through a bout of cough and cold or acute asthma attack.

Eye Antibiotics

Let’s start that treatment right away with the help of an antibiotic drop and perhaps a steroid.  You have only two eyes- let’s keep them sharp!.

Prescription Ear Drops

You are a go for some antibiotic ear drops and perhaps a steroid.  Hello! Can you hear me?

Oral Anti inflammatories

Common used anti-inflammatory drugs to help you feel better.  Let’s also add a muscle relaxant to the mix.  You need to get back to your normal self fast!

Migraine Pain

Don’t suffer long.  Let’s get a “triptan” drug started asap! You have better things to do with your day!

Minor Ailment Treatment

We will get you started on one of the 19 minor ailment treatments MisterPharmacist can assess and prescribe for…fast!


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You ask, we answer

Let’s try to answer the most commons questions you may have about the Emergency Prescription service

1) Set up an online account. Upload all the information requested.

2) Ask your HealthCare provider to fax us your prescription(s). @ 416-593-4166

3) We process the prescription and contact you to let you know if there is any amount owing on the medication prescribed after we pass it through OHIP, private insurance and have explored all savings opportunities.  

Yes- of course! We are a full service pharmacy, however since many maintenance drugs are not considered emergency, they will be delivered by End of Day or the Next business day.

For Emergency Drugs, yes.

For Maintenance drugs we fill and deliver elsewhere in the City.  

We will inform you of a realistic delivery time.

Typically that is a “Yes”.  Pharmacy teams members spend on average 20% of their time navigating patients insurance plans.  They may have rejections due to terminated plans, drug exclusions, forgotten spousal plan.  

Setting up the online account ahead of time gives us a good starting point when your prescriptions come in.

Certainly! But, as we are dealing with medications, the pharmacy must first ensure the validity, accuracy and appropriateness of the prescription. 

Then we must navigate payment via Private (OHIP) and Private( ex: Green Shield, Canadalife, SunLife etc…).  

 Once these things are in place, a three hour delivery time is handled.

  1. Lack of availability and stock of your product or more specifically product strength . Sometimes the product prescribed may simply not be available . This is when we reach out to your health provide  to discuss alternatives
  2. Time of day when the prescription is faxed to the pharmacy. It may be after hours.
  3. We can’t reach the patient to discuss any issues with drug coverage or other prescriptions concerns like allergies. We can only be as fast as the patient is available to discuss any issues that come up.

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