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Can a Pharmacist prescribe antibiotics in Ontario?

In Ontario, Canada, pharmacists have been given expanded scope of practice that allows them to prescribe medications for 19 minor ailments since October 2023. This change is part of a broader trend across Canada to improve access to healthcare services and manage healthcare system capacities more efficiently.

However, the specifics regarding whether antibiotics can be prescribed by  pharmacists and under what conditions may vary depending on the regulatory guidelines set by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and the provincial government.

Typically, the ability to prescribe antibiotics would be limited to specific conditions and circumstances in order to ensure appropriate use of antibiotics and to combat antibiotic resistance.

As such, Ontario pharmacist can only prescribe antibiotics as it pertains to  :

  • Uncomplicated Urinary Tract infections in Women over the age of 16yo.

Other conditions where Ontario pharmacists can prescribe an antibiotics are in cases of

  • Tick bite Lyme’s disease prevention
  • Impetigo ( a skin infection that appears around the mouth of children.

Pharmacist can also prescribe antibiotic eye drops in cases of

  • Bacterical conjunctivitis (common pink eye)


Ontario Pharmacists are NOT sanctioned to prescribe antibiotics in medical conditions such as Strep Throat, Ear infections,  Lung Infections and Other types of Skin Infections.

This reiterates the fact that Ontario pharmacist can only prescribe antibiotics in medical cases that are approved as Minor Ailments cases and antibiotics are not looked upon as a “group of drugs” that can be prescribed indiscriminately.  Other Canadian provinces have expanded Minor Ailments categories and may include the use of antibiotics in some of those treatment categories.

It’s important to consult the latest guidelines or contact a local pharmacy like MisterPharmacist in Ontario for the most current information regarding the prescribing authority of pharmacists, especially for antibiotics, as Regulations and the Scopes of Practice can evolve.

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