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Aiming to take patient care to new levels

Mister Pharmacist aims to take patient care to new levels

Toronto pharmacist gets back to basics by making patients feel valued.

In the heart of Toronto is a small pharmacy with a big mission: to make every single patient who walks through the door feel comfortable and valued.

Alexander Mihaila, a.k.a. Mister Pharmacist—a moniker he recently trademarked—opened his pharmacy in the midst of the pandemic because he saw an opportunity to fill a gap in patient care.

“I started an online business called Nutrition Pharmacist selling vitamins and supplements but then COVID hit and I realized I could do more within an actual pharmacy,” he says.

He opened Mister Pharmacist in May 2021 and hasn’t looked back. “At the time, I was one of the few stores downtown able to source COVID tests and other pandemic supplies people were looking for so it was good timing.”

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Situated at the bottom of an old house, the pharmacy features wood panelled floors and a spacious waiting room, complete with comfortable couch, candles and a fridge stocked with free refreshments. “I think it feels very welcoming,” says Mihaila.

Along with seeing his pharmacy patrons, he makes deliveries and offers his phone number for text questions off hours. “I’m leveraging technology as much as possible so people feel taken care of,” he says. “If I can’t answer their questions right away, I can tell them when I’ll be available.”

Eventually his plan is to figure out ways to use artificial intelligence to reach patients more efficiently, while still maintaining that personal touch.

With more than 30 years of experience in pharmacy under his belt, in both community pharmacy and the pharma industry, Mihaila says he has channelled what h’s learned along the way to create a  environment that would allow him to put patients first. Vaccinations are still among his most popular services, although he says he is fully equipped for minor ailments prescribing now that that’s available to Ontario pharmacists.
Using social media, Mihaila has been successful in marketing the Mister Pharmacy brand, even garnering significant media attention. “I credit social media and the fact I’m bilingual for opening doors to media outlets like the CBC,” he says. “It gives me a real opportunity to share my knowledge and reach a much bigger audience.”

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